Curating Film

Kazuhiro Soda Oyster Factory (2015)

I am currently working on an independent curatorial project, gathering contemporary non-fiction Japanese films that explore senses of place and everyday life. The project aims to offer audiences outside Japan a programme of films that give insight and insound into how it might feel to live in Japan today. How it might feel, senses of place, everyday life… these terms are interpreted broadly in attempt to recognise that everybody senses place differently (every human, animal, vegetable, and mineral). Listening to the diverse voices that make up place, the project attends to topics including pollution, urbanisation and regeneration, immigrant labour, ageing, animal life, and home.

With thanks to The Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University, Haden Guest at Harvard Film Archive, Koyo Yamashita at Film Forum (Tokyo), Asako Fujioka, and many others.

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