talk 発表

Anthro-film Laboratory 20

Filming The Everyday: 
Poetics of Observation and Sense of Place in Artist, 
Experimental and Ethnographic Cinema.

Speaker : Becca Voelcker

Date & Time: June 27th, 16:00 –, 2016

Venue: National Museum of Ethnology,
4th Floor, Eizo Jikken Shitsu
(Visual Experiment Laboratory), 
Senri Expo-Park 10-1, Suita, Osaka
565-8511 Japan

reservation is required by 2 days before the seminar

会場: 国立民族学博物館4階 映像実験室
〒565-8511 大阪市吹田市千里万博公園10-1


Watching a film can be like traveling to another place. We smell and feel the film’s sights and sounds, learning about other cultures and perspectives. Unbound from conventional plot or narrative, experimental non-fiction film enjoys freedom in conveying everyday life and sense of place. It can be made by anthropologists, artists, poets, and by you or me— as well as by trained filmmakers. Given the current global context of economic, political and environmental migration, places and identities are changing every day. Shifting patterns of landscape, language, labour and memory mean that attending to issues of place (and displacement) is vital for preserving peace, promoting intercultural understanding, and protecting the environment. This talk looks at ways I have engaged with filmmaking and sense of place through scholarly, artistic and curatorial approaches. It asks what exactly might be meant by ‘sense of place,’ and why should it be held in such high regard in art, anthropology and film studies. Drawing from examples from around the world, including films made at Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, this talk will attempt to identify some common threads that weave diverse filmmaking practices together. It will also draw from Japanese examples and discuss a curatorial project I am currently developing about Japanese nonfiction film and sense of place. The talk will be in English but please feel free to comment and ask questions in Japanese.