Performing Writing

'[Performative language] does not describe, in a narrowly reportorial sense, an objectively verifiable event or process but uses language like paint to create what is self-evidently a version of what was, what is, and/ or what might be.
'What I want to call performative writing (often felt in a flash or, per Turner, a "flicker") collapses distinctions by which creative and critical writing are typically isolated.

'...suggesting an in-between, "liminoid" field of possibility, a field of hybrid, mixed forms that exceed categorical distinctions...

‘[Performative writing] requires that the writer drop down to a place where words and the world intersect in active interpretation, where each pulses, cajoles, entrances the other into alternative formations, where words press into and are deeply impressed by "the sensuousness of their referents.”’ 

Pollock, D 'Performing Writing’ in Phelan, P and Lane, J (eds) (1998) The Ends of Performance New York: New York University Press p.80-81