Nødvendige Nydelser

1.    hands plunged into pockets
2.    conscious inhale
3.    in sequence with traffic lights
4.    in stride with each other
5.    walking due south 
6.    liminal districts
7.    wind on nape of neck
8.    wrap of scarf
9.    on time
10.  well shod

 extract from Isaacson, J (2000) Notebooks 1925-33

Isaacson was particular, bordering on the fastidious, when it came to timekeeping. His days were scheduled around morning and afternoon walks. He said walking aided the circulation and digestion of whatever he was reading. To this day, he is sometimes to be seen sitting on a bench, yet his exact location is subject to debate.

Despite their often sceptical reception, Isaacson's anachronistic fabrications continue appearing either by themselves or woven into existing films, books, archives and personal testimonies. Thus far, they have evaded attempts at geographical and temporal location. It is not known how many examples there are of Isaacson at work, and there is some speculation as to whether, following the advent of the Internet, his fabrications have multiplied further still.