Seeking distance is a flawed formula. It is too easy and too quick to employ a sense of distance. In everyday life we are immersed in the contemporary; there is no way of sitting on the edge and being retrospective. In art, distance must come with the recognition that the inside/ outside dichotomy is relative, and a certain amount of proximity inescapable. In most cases, the artist occupies a liminal space and time, a blurry place that allows freedom, a position analogous to the court jester who manoeuvres between inside and out.  

While we may not be fully integrated with our subject, neither are we completely separate from it. Even in photographing or describing in words, we are engaging in some way. Yet in that act of appropriating a subject, even if the subject is the self and extremely intimate, a margin of distance is achieved. And even when our subject is the past, it is also contemporary because we are studying it in the here and now.