Dziga Vertov, from
Man with a Movie Camera

From my studio on the 6th floor, the Wheel is in the distance, gaping wide and missing one tooth in its set. Below are trees, white tubes sliding along tracks, and The Shard that rises higher everyday.
Does this aerial position distance one from the street as a text that is constantly being rewritten? De Certeau said so, reading New York from the 110th floor of the World Trade Center. Is one a voyeur sat up here, looking and writing? Maybe a little detached, yes, but two hours of height is also calming. 
Up here one realises how extraordinary and how ridiculous the city is. Up here one can almost see out, beyond Highgate Hill, the large sky and the open. And then after, rejoin the business, back into the reticulation of streets and stories. 

from 6th floor