Paint Chart - Philip Gross

squid ink   tired lavender   dust of purple
half-an-hour before-dawn ringdove grey  

custard-powder-pink edging to yellow
dilute-to-taste unsweetened lemon   moon

limestone   old grist   donkey in the drizzle
white with a hint of black   black black

handled mahogany   sweat of several races
white with a hint of almost    cimmaroon

as if the world was not enough already
eau de mould   betel spit   milky dribble
by the names we pick and mix   we choose

bilberry lips   tobacco teeth   spilled-tea-
on-the-duvet   random viridian   ripe birthmark
smeared lipstick   last Saturday night’s bruise

Philip Gross (2009) I Spy Pinhole Eye Blaenau Ffestiniog: Cinnamon