B  – denotes Blue sky. – (Very fine weather, when the sky is almost or quite free from clouds, not only overhead, but also on the horizon.)

C – Cloudy (detached clouds). – (When the sky is seen between the clouds; and sun, moon, or stars are visible at times.)

D – Drizzling rain.

F – Foggy.

G – Gloomy. – (Should be used with caution, and not to indicate “cloudy” or “overcast”, which have letters of their own.)

H – Hail.

L – Lightning.

M – Misty. – (When it is not quite as thick as F (fog), but enough to cause objects to be indistinct, and to require the fog signal to be sounded.)

O – Overcast. – (When neither sun, moon nor stars are visible for a long period and the clouds are not detached.)

P – Passing showers. – (When between the showers there is fine weather and the wind is steady; that is, when there are no squalls.)

Q – Squally. – (Sudden gusts of wind with or without rain.)

R – Rain. – (Steady and continuous.)

S – Snow.

T – Thunder.

U – Ugly (threatening). – (Should be used with caution.)

V – Visibility. – (Only to be used when objects are unusually distinct as is often the case before rain; it does not mean an ordinary fine day or night when the usual objects are visible, and should rarely be used at night.)

W – Wet dew.

Z – Haze.